Luxury Wedding Films


Crossing Paths

Lauren and Jonathan are an extraordinary couple and their wedding was one of the highlights of 2011! We learned a lot about the couple as we were preparing for their day and as we chatted, a common theme emerged from their story- crossing paths. Lauren and Jonathan had known each other for several years before deciding to start dating and throughout those years, their paths continued to cross. We used this idea as the theme for their film and kept that in our minds as we were shooting, editing, choosing tones, and producing the film. It seems their love was inevitable and we are so glad that their story turned out the way that it did!

We received some great feedback from both the couple (who had a premier with their friends before the Superbowl) and their coordinator. Check it out:

“I have done maybe 500 weddings in my career and very rarely do I shed a tear especially watching a video…but folks you had me weeping!! Absolutely stunning..stunning…stunning! You guys genuinely have a gift of capturing every last ounce of thoughtfulness and love from a wedding. You truly encompassed the feeling of the bride and groom and showcased exactly what their wedding was!! Every bit of the love, excitement, and character of that day was highlighted! Simply amazing!” – Lori, Table 6 Productions

“We are in LOVE with it (the film) and can’t wait to watch it over and over again!!! It really helped us relive out wedding day. Alex is an incredible talent, we can’t sing his praises enough. You are both two of the most genuine and nice people we have met.” – Bride Lauren

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