Luxury Wedding Films

Tips for a Fabulous Film

 Wedding films have the opportunity to go from “good” to “amazing” by following a few insider tips. First, consider the time you have allotted for the filmmaker to be a part of the day. If the team is booked for 8 hours and the day is going to last 10 hours, it is often a better use of time to have the shooters come early and leave before the festivities are over. We feel that a large part of the “wedding story” happens prior to the ceremony. The emotions during the getting ready time are often at their most vulnerable and are such an important part of the day. The family seeing the bride for the first time, the groom toasting with his guys, the girls getting their make-up done are all such fun moments to capture on film. These moments are certainly more important than two hours of dancing at the end of the night.


Also, talk to the filmmaker about special moments and stories that are important to the family. Are the bride and groom exchanging gifts? Is their a family member having a birthday or anniversary that is going to be acknowledged? Have friends come from across the world to be a part of the event?  Is the ring the bride is wearing a family heirloom? These are all great pieces of information for the shooters to know so that they can capture the things that are most important to the couple.


Identify who you are as a couple to the filmmaker. Having a conversation in which the bride and groom talk about their interests, their hobbies, the key players in the day allows the filmmaker to know who he/she is working with on the day. If the bride and groom are a casual couple who love sports, they may be more comfortable getting shots on the beach that are organic and fun rather than formal posed shots in a church. All of these details help make a film that is unique to the couple rather than a cookie cutter product. 


Lastly, if a “first look” is happening, be sure that the first look will be uninterrupted by anyone. For example, the bride and groom should not be told to stop for a shot as they are walking towards one another. This is one of the most special moments of the day and the bride and groom should be able to enjoy it without feeling like there is a camera interrupting the moment. (Check out an uninterrupted first look below.) 


Follow these tips and the wedding film will be sure to dazzle! 

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