Luxury Wedding Films

The Gift that Keeps Giving

As a former bride, I know how easy it is to get caught up in all of the things that make up a perfect wedding day. Creating a fabulous wedding celebration is so important and something that all girls dream  of, but now as a bride whose day has come and gone, I understand the importance of the things you take away from your day. Alex and I recently celebrated our six year anniversary and as we always do, we sat and watched our wedding film. I laughed, I cried, I relived the magical day that I married my soul mate. I watched my nervous laughter. I saw my husband cry (something I never see) and I listened to the words our friends and family delivered to us that day. I sat and dreamed of the day when our son Enzo would watch this film and laugh as he saw his parents so young and in love. Nothing could replace this film for me. It is one of the most important “things” I own and one of the first things I would salvage if I could only take a few things with me.

Over the years we have heard so many stories of regret over not having a wedding film. We also hear back from so many brides who have enjoyed their films years after the wedding. Take a look at a recent email we received from a past couple. Do yourself a favor and make the investment in a quality wedding film.

Dear Jocelyn and Alex,

As our one year anniversary is approaching, I have been thinking of all the people who helped make our wedding day so magical.

 Words cannot express how much I love our wedding film. You captured every moment beautifully and I get chills each time I watch it. I love the music that was selected and felt it went perfectly with each moment of the film.

 Your team is incredibly talented and I was so lucky to have you there on our special day. I love the thought that we will have this video forever and that our children will be able to watch it over the years.

 Thank you again for helping us make our wedding day memorable and creating something that will be close to our hearts forever.


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